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Content Samurai a web-based software that aims to develop fast and professional-looking videos in a fun and efficient way.

It beautifully combines some of the best features of famous video makers and merges them into all-in-one online video creator.

This tool is a must-use for every person who wants to create videos for their business. From small companies to large enterprises.

The team at content samurai put a lot into its user interface to make it very fun and easy to use. With just a few mouse clicks, you can turn any already written content and turn them into professional-looking videos.  

The tool is very efficient for everyone, even beginners and all this can be done even if you have never edited a video before.

Hit the ‘play button’ below, so that you can get a deeper insight into the amazing tool content samurai is:

                                                                                                                                   (No Payment Details Required)

Before we dive deeper into the content samurai review, we want to tell you why SEO is not as efficient as before and also why you need to implement video marketing to help grow your business online.

SEO Crisis - What You Should Know

There is nothing as bad as putting a lot of time, money and effort into an SEO campaign expecting outcome.  

Only for you to realize all your efforts has been in waste because you are not able to achieve your estimated results. 

Very few people are visiting your website, and the traffic is not even enough to achieve sustainable ROI.

The truth is:  Site engine optimization is becoming more and more difficult and its results are not as efficient as it used to be in the past.

These are some reasons why SEO might not be the right choice for you or your business: 

  • Time – it will take sometime before you start seeing results from SEO. In our experience, it takes at least 6 months and you need to be very good at it and have the required budget. 
  • Cost – unless you have experience and a lot of time, site engine optimization is going to cost you money. This is because you will need to hire an expert, content creator and so on. 
  • Consistent results are not guaranteed – before you jump into SEO, you should know that you have a ton of competitors out there fighting for the same first page results as you. You may find out the hard way that no matter what you do, Google and other search engines may favor your competitors 
  • Google rankings are not controllable – when it comes to SEO, you can easily lose your hard-earned rankings for even the stupidest reasons. For example, some of your competitors may decide to send you spammy links and Google will then downgrade your page 
  • Consistent work is needed – with SEO, you need to keep putting constant effort and time to maintain your rankings. 

One of SEO’s many problems is that Google algorithm keeps on changing, and each update makes it difficult for websites especially beginners to rank on the first page.

To put this simply, SEO is becoming more difficult every day. This is caused by many factors but here is one major reason.

  • Like we have said earlier, Google is getting smarter every day
  • New websites take longer to be indexed and ranked due to Google’s algorithm updates. 
  • Also, Google is now populating the search engine results page with videos, people also ask, featured snippets and so on. This is driving traffic from SEO down.
  • In the past you could easily game the google algorithm with blackhat methods like keyword stuffing, link spamming and cloaking.

This is now a thing of the past and doing so will send your website into Google’s black book and your traffic will take a hit.

If you want to start driving visitors to your website, this YouTube SEO Cheat Sheet is for you: 

  1. Great tips on how to write titles for your videos to drive clicks 
  2. The tags you need to add to your video to help increase traffic 
  3. How video rankings are impacted and how you can achieve it by creating an opening loop at the beginning of your video

The Power of Videos In Marketing

Video marketing is a form of content marketing where businesses whether large or small, market their brands, goods or services by creating videos As with content, videos can either be long or short. 

After creating the videos, they are then uploaded to content management systems or social media to help promote the video content. The videos can be promoted through advertisements or organic sharing.

Importance Of Video Marketing

  • Brand Building: Video marketing makes it easier to build trust and awareness for your brand among people 
  • Engage potential customers: From what we said earlier, video engages people. And when you engage people, they will trust your brand and are more likely to buy. 
  • SEO: Google uses user experience and average time on the website as one of its ranking factors. Videos engage your visitors and keep them longer on your website, improving your rankings. 
  • Email Marketing: When you add videos to your email marketing campaigns, your customers will be engaged and it will also help to improve optin rates to your email campaigns 
  • Improved Conversions: The study and results have shown that the conversion rates of your business are greatly improved when you implement video marketing.
Now that we have gone over video marketing and its importance to your brand, we can now look further into Content Samurai

How To Use Content Samurai

The content samurai tool is very easy to use. First head over to the website: you can either sign in or start your free trial.
  • Enter into the video creation area and then click on Create A New Video. 
  • After that, head over to the options tab on the left sidebar and click on the script section. From here you can create or paste your video title and script.
  • Content Samurai has a huge picture gallery of more than 100 million images that you can use to create your videos. You can also get images from royalty-free websites likes pixabay, freepik or even a simple Google search.
  • You can then add videos you have captured with your recording device.
  • You can then record or add your video’s audio. We advise you to do this one slide at a time to avoid unnecessary errors and make it easier to adjust the sound.
  • You can then add background music to your video. Make sure to only use audio that is not copyrighted so you do not get into legal troubles.
  • When you are done, click on generate a video to continue.
  • Your video will now be ready for you to download.
  • Upload your video to any social media platform of your choice or your content management system.

Who Created The Video Creator?

The Content Samurai tool is created by an Australian company called Nobble Samurai. There are an outstanding brand that helps produce outstand software to make the life of internet marketers much easier.

Content Samurai can be used by anyone who plans to use video marketing as a means to promote his or her business.

                                                                                                                                   (No Payment Details Required)

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